Robert A. Weiss, CPA

Robert offers more than thirty years of experience in federal and state tax resolution. His technical insights, and moral soundness, afford a special attention to the needs of his clients. Robert refuses to give up, even when the IRS says, "No." In a recent case where the client looked like he had the money, but only on paper, the IRS just kept coming after him. Taking into account our client's advanced age, Robert was able to negotiate an agreement that considered our client's steadily decreasing earnings, and steadily increasing health costs. Fair usually has nothing to do with it, but Robert eventually got what was fair for our client.

Andrew R. Glivic, EA

Andy has been a tax accountant for seventeen years. Some of his earliest jobs were answering IRS letters about payroll problems, and he has been fixing tax problems ever since. Andy's "Never give up," attitude is a part of his DNA. It took about a year, but he once managed to claw back $47,000 that our client accidentally sent to a foreign government. That is tenacity in the face of a formidable opponent.

We rely on Andy to tackle our most unusual, and profound problems; the kind of challenges that can require the help of the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service. He also performs Penalty Abatements, Offers in Compromise, and Innocent Spouse cases.

Joseph Beninato, Staff Accountant

The numbers never lie.

Joe brings 45 years of taxation, accounting, and business wisdom to the table. Joe started as a teenage bookkeeper in the construction industry, served as an accountant in the Navy during the Vietnam war, and has been an accountant ever since. Joe has a vast knowledge base that enables him to see through to the root of a problem, and do it fast. When we confront a specific regulation, it is Joe that shows us which nuts and bolts to turn.

Adelaine Ronkin, Project Assistant

Adelaine has been enriching our team for seven years. She has a habit of recognizing, and directing our staff to relevant case details that our clients did not even think were important. Adelaine can see a procedural problem as it is happening. She organizes and directs our staff so that we can focus on your case.

Adelaine also speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

We round out our staff with contract tax professionals whose services are enlisted as needed.