About Tax Help Source

Tax Help Source is a very personal full service accounting firm that happens to specialize in resolving tax problems. We are not the folks on TV luring you in with promises of pennies on the dollar. Tax Representation is not some mysterious place where only big, high-priced firms, dare to go. It is a type of tax work. We are real people, who help other real people and their businesses to overcome all-to-common problems with either the IRS or State Taxing Agencies. We do it all the time. We have always done it.


We listen to you so we can figure out how your problem relates to the tax laws, and then we explain your options.


We compare your argument and supporting evidence to different remedies so that we can determine which form of tax relief you legally qualify for.


We work your case until there is a final determination and closure.


Our services help to put your current tax problems behind you so you can rest easy.